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As an employee, having a manager who is capable of listening - and who at least feigns interest in what makes my job annoying/difficult/frustrating is . Once you get that relationship where one person can tell another what to do (or else), things get weird.

This is espcially critical that you develop that trust so that when there is a serious issue that needs to be brought up (such as how to deal with the impact of your cancer diagnosis or the guy who is attacking you in the office (2 subjects not chosen at random)), the employee will feel comfotable talking to the person who needs to know.I've seen ones scheduled less frequently, but I do not recommend it (see below for why). Getting feedback From the manager side of the table, the far most valuable thing I got from one on ones is feedback on . As a manager, you will often end up acting as a stand-in therapist.This is useful to you as a manager because you can learn what frustrates your reports and why. You build trust that you're someone your reports can talk to without fear of judgement. The relationship between a manager and their direct report is a special one though.I have learned through the years to go to my boss when it is needed and to make sure there are no festering issues.So I would not find a formal on on one either useful or appropriate at this stage in my career.

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I am more or less asking for an agenda so I can try to prioritize them and make the time valuable - now granted 90% of the items on the agenda are likely to be skipped each meeting, but it still would be nice to know what to focus on first.